English is an essential tool to find a job

Nowadays everybody must be sure that English is an essential tool if what we want is finding a job, especially if we would like to have a highly paid job. It is for that reason why currently English academies and online courses have an increase in demand. We are becoming aware that English is necessary for our professional development.
Without doubt, the best way to learn fluid English is living in an English speaking country; being the United Kingdom the most popular for Spanish people. Why the United Kingdom? We Spaniards prefer the British country because of the proximity and easy travel connections. Thanks to those characteristics, in our country there are already lots of parents who pay summer courses for their young children in England. Undoubtedly, this is the best way to learn a language and they have realised that will is indispensable for their children; they are paving the way for their children’s future working life.
But going back to professional purposes, if the job you are looking for is related to the world of science, investigation or telecommunications, for example, English language is a vital instrument for you. Because if we want to be informed about the latest innovations or about steps forward in the field of medicine, for example, we would find most of the books, Webs and research works written in English. So, what are you waiting for? Knowing English is a competitive advantage when it deals to look for a job. Good luck!!

The importance of English for business activity

Speaking more than one language is an essential factor if we want to get a new job or advance rapidly in our career, above all, in globalization times when communication and deals with other countries are more and more frequent.

Almost the 100% of companies in the world which have as an essential requirement for their workers speaking a foreign language see English as their favourite one followed by Japanese, German, French and Portuguese.

The enterprises need workers without fear who do not mind having conversations with foreign representatives or travelling abroad to finalize work alliances, so that speaking English or another foreign language would not be a problem for them.

And what is more important, due to the importance of knowing a second or foreign language, different enterprises have asked their workers to do official exams in order to certify the level of command of a language. Thanks to that the company sees if the workers cover their needs or not.

English: Have we found a solution to the economic crisis?

In Spain, one of the obstacles to emigrate and travel abroad in search of a good job is the fear to learn foreign languages.  Even when in many cases moving to another country is probably the only way out to this situation. In our region a survey has been done and the results show that more than the 60% of the people who help in this study say that they would travel abroad in search of a good job if they had good levels of English. Other 70% think that a better level of this language would help Spain to finish sooner with the economic crisis. But, why don’t we feel confident when speaking English? Many linguists agree that it has to do with the type of education we have received, so in order to have future sons and grandsons with a good command of English or other foreign languages we have to learn from our neighbour, Portugal and stop dubbing films and TV series into Spanish. At least by doing that, people would get used to English and that would improve their level of auditive comprehension.

The Anglo-Saxon language: the most demanded language by Spanish companies in 2012

This well-known economic crisis in which we are still immersed has made international markets the salvation for the biggest companies in Spain. And all this thanks to English and our international relationships. In 2012, English has been the most demanded language by Spanish companies, far from French, German or Chinese. Undoubtedly, English is the language that controls the world of business and it is still seen as an indispensable requirement for more than the 80% of job offers. Most of the biggest companies in our country agree that they look for talented people supporting diversity, efficiency and professionalism.
On the one hand, the knowledge of English is one of the requirements with highest importance in business and the world of banking and investments. On the other hand, English language is viewed favourably in other fields, such as international customer service. In general, sectors which have a greater degree of internationalization are the ones with a higher demand of foreign languages. That is the case of groups such as, energy resources, industry and teaching, thanks to which there has been a rise in the offer of bilingual centres to learn English as a second language.

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