English as a global and international language. A good or bad thing?

The expansion of English can be seen as a good and positive thing in areas such as technology or science where is important to have a common language in order to gain effectiveness in those sectors. But English as a single and common language in the world brings bad news to the world of literature, since everybody would read in English and other languages would be forgotten and dead. Everyone would speak English in a near future but, is it worth it? I mean, do we want to communicate in a better way with other people in the world? Probably, that is what we need, communication! Perhaps it is the lack of contact what has done the world is upside down, where there are countries at war, misunderstandings between religions, and where each nation thinks of its own interests. In such cases, English could be the best of the tools in order to make human race a closer and happier one; therefore this would mean literature would not be so important and it would be pushed into the background.


Is it really English an easy language?

There are many people who consider English to be a non difficult language, and I agree with that because when someone starts studying English he or she is able to start speaking quickly; and that is possible because of the lack of difficult or complex grammar rules in English. So that, if what you want is not having a perfect command of English it will be always for you an easy language to learn. But, if on the contrary, what you want is reach high levels of this language English becomes a more difficult and complex one, since there are many special cases and exceptions and not simple rules.

Tips to learn English

We have heard many times that English is one of the easiest languages we can learn, but although it is seen as an easy one if we do not practice our listening and oral skills our English will not be so good. In order to be a fluent speaker of English some of the tips you can follow are: listening to music, thanks to which you can get used to the intonation and rhythm of spoken English; reading books, newspapers and magazines with which you will learn new vocabulary and expressions; watching subtitled films in English or in the original language, chatting online or doing video conferences with friends via Skype, travel abroad to practice English or if you cannot afford it at least go to tourist places in your city and become good friends with foreigners living in your place, learn new words when you can. And the most important of all: be patient and DO NOT worry about making mistakes.

Why learn English?

By learning English you could do many things other people cannot do. Imagine your friends speak English and you don’t know a word of it they can have access to interesting information and news in English, such as, information about music bands, gigs, new published books, etc. They could also communicate with people from all over the world and ask important questions to people who live in any corner of the planet. Or also you can go steps forwards in your profession leaving other colleagues behind you.
You can have access to whatever information you are interested in, it does not matter whether it is about computers, health, science, music, cinema, etc., since most of that information is in English. If you want to have a good job related to the world of science or technology learning English is one of the most important things you can start studying right now. And the excellent news is that this is one of the easiest languages you can learn: adjectives are always the same without change of gender, and we express the plural of nouns only by adding a –s or –es at the end of the words. Are you eager to start learning English?

English and music

Could you imagine living in a world in which music does not exist? Wedding march, national anthems and folk music would have never existed, and as a result our lives would be sadder and we could not escape from problems by listening chill out music or “travelling” to distant lands or listening to rock music in order to cheer us up and feeling stronger.
But apart from all that, music is a very good and motivating tool if what we want is learning, practice and improve a foreign (an even native) language. Imagine today is Saturday and you have been the whole week studying English grammar at school, the best way to engraved all that on your mind ever since is spending the weekend by listening to music. Doing that you review vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and deals with different topics and social issues as you know most songs are about.
So that, you know what you have to do know; turn up your speakers and start learning English with music.

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